How to gain 40% speed for your product through Lean Startup ?

Competition is fierce; product life cycle is shrinking; the pressure to launch your product is tremendous!

The major questions that worry CEOs, Product Marketers and Product Mangers are:

  • How do you take a complex product to the market in a matter of weeks ?
  • How do you get quick feedback from your customers ?
  • How do you build only useful features and eliminate wastage ?

The answer to to your product development and launch worries is: Lean Startup and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach.

Did you know that you can develop awesome products with zero product specifications ?  We have recently quantified the gains for a product we built using Lean Startup and MVP approach and were pleasantly surprised to find that we could quantify minimum 47% gain in time-to-market, 32% cost savings, 55% improvement in product quality and 40% gain in business value as compared to traditional product development methods.

We are planning to share these findings through our upcoming webinar, feel free to be present there for these insights. We will also give out our free guide on “Lean Startup Product Development” for the attendees.

Download the webinar slides and listen to the recording if you have missed it!





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