How to spot the right development partner for your next AI/ML project?

Some of the questions usually faced by us are “Why do we hear a lot about machine learning and AI?”, “Is it the right time for my business to leverage this technology to solve my business need?” “What can machine learning and artificial intelligence do for my business?”

As we all know, Machine learning is a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to learn with data without being explicitly programmed. With the advent of Machine learning, the focus has shifted from logic towards science, where we make observations and run an experiment using statistics not logic to analyze a result. 

Machine learning helps you solve some of the problems which are unprogrammable or which involves data like images, video, sound, face recognition, voice identification to activate a command. If you want to know how machine learning can make way for new business opportunities, you must go through

Machine learning and AI are still new and it’s hard to get them right. So there are factors to consider before you start a machine learning project.

  • AI is experimental in nature – As mentioned earlier, machine learning is a different paradigm for writing software as it involves the keen observation and statistical-based results. Hence, this makes it experimental in nature.
  • Treat data as your source-code not just algorithm – Data plays a critical role in building out the machine learning system as this data shall be fed into an ml algorithm.
  • Machine Learning is all about continuous learning and iteration – In order to achieve accurate and predictive results we need to continuously train our model which may include adding more unseen data and overall increasing the scope of the prediction
  • Right technology stack – Choice of the right technology stack is critical and important as it takes the experiments conducted by a data scientist to a production level. At this stage,  model training and prediction can be built in a scalable manner.

How can we be a suitable Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence partner for your company: 

  1. Disruption in SDLC to accelerate developmentMachine learning changes the way we think about a problem and fundamentally changes the way we solve it. From a logical and mathematical approach to a more statistical and observation-based approach.

Adoption of AI/ML will allow:

  • Reduction in the time of programming.
  • Scaling of your product
  • Solving problems which are unprogrammable

Machine learning project involves 4 stages:

              Stage 1: Defining a business definition
              Stage 2: Backing the business definition with data
              Stage 3: Implementing a machine learning algorithm and building a model on this data and
              Stage 4: Measuring  business outcome and optimizing the entire process

We have an AI playbook program that goes deep into each of these stages considering your business need. 

 2. Technical expertise – When you’re looking to hire an AI/ML partner, technical knowledge is of fundamental importance. The ability to program/code is an indispensable skill that all engineers must possess. C++ enables speeding up code, while R works well in plots and statistics, and Hadoop is based on Java. You must ensure that the potential partner’s coding/programming efficiency is on par with your requirements. Discover the potential and possibilities with #P10Labs You can build innovative products using features like face recognition, visitors count smile detection, and more.

 3. Constant Innovation 

  • P10 App store: You can identify the things around you and conveniently locate them online using our Object Detection App. Your phone’s camera can be used as a smart scanner to detect the object you need to scan. Life becomes simple if you use our text recognition app to convert text from books or images into a digital format.
  • AI/ML API : Our APIs make it convenient for developers to build applications and leverage the power of AI/ML to develop features like card detection was used to classify the type of card, gender classification for determining the person’s gender, and sentiment analysis that classifies text or opinion as positive, neutral, or negative.
  • Computer Vision: Powerful face detection that lets you build amazing products using features like face recognition, visitor count, smile detection, and more.

 4. Solid statistical background – If your prospective hire has a strong statistical base, it will be easy for them to take a grip on the situation. Some of the prominent theories for learning algorithms include Naive Bayes, Hidden Markov Models, and  Gaussian Mixture Models. The primary knowledge of statistics, probability, and mathematics enable ML engineers to recognize which algorithms address a particular problem in an optimum manner and deliver flawless results. 

 5. Intrinsic creativity and interest – Quoting Fred Sadaghiani, “a good machine learning person is a curious person, is somebody who can be creative, is somebody who can take an extremely abstract unclear problem and bring to light clarity around the possibilities. Those having inherent creative talent can devise new ways to approach common problems pertaining to machine learning.”


Any AI/ML engineer you hire will have a distinct approach towards work, it will be your responsibility to make the best out of them. Through our blogs and webinars, you can discover the potential and possibilities in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with industry experts. If you have any questions regarding Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning or if you are looking to hire AI/ML partner, feel free to contact us at 

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