Journey through People10 Build week- Code Combat 2018

People10, ‘A lean and agile factory’ with a united group of tech enthusiasts, decided to break the everyday monotony of routine work for something new, fresh and exciting. We introduced “Build week”, an opportunity for our employers to work for their own products and ideas, showcase their innate talent, collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams and make a difference!

“When you take the free will out of learning, that turns it into knowledge.”

The journey of Build week started on 20th July 2018, when a committee was formed to hammer out the details and formulate the layout of the event. It was decided to take it all the way, with not a day or two, but an event running across an entire week , and then, it was off to the races !

The participants had all the freedom of defining their project challenge, build their team as well as deciding on the demonstration/pitch format to bring their ‘idea’ to the forefront.

Kick-starting the event

Build week at people10

A journey of 3 weeks was power packed with rigorous work, new ideas, structuring of the overall event and our designers had left no stone unturned to make it look all exciting and vibrant.

 All inspired by warrior clans and combat we started our preparations and bring in the theme for Code Combat.


Meet the clans

Knights, get a sword

The Knights (team working behind the scene) are getting all the preparation done!

Knights are pumped up for Build week!

White Boarding

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” –H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

Our team working behind the scene to make the entire event successful.

And The Combat Begins…

The best possible preparation for success is to empower yourself with trust in your own capability. As you cannot move forward in any project or task, career unless you plan. And, preparation is not the end but only the beginning…hence all teams got busy with ideation, discussion and planning.


Boots on the ground

“You ought to have nailed your colors to the mast, and have fought whilst a timber remained on your ship”. And this was the spirit in the heart of all participants. We could witness a broad spectrum of emotions in the environment: energy, thrill, excitement, anticipation and a sense of togetherness.


Let’s have a look at their project ideas for Code Combat 2018

Team Spartans


Product Name: Amigobot

Idea:Interactive smart-bot for work
Category:Mobile app
Mission: To build and demo a product which can serve as a single touchpoint to help you complete your tasks through voice and chat-based interaction seamlessly.
Tech Stack:React native, node, NLU(tensorflow)

Team Vikings

Product name:P10 Community Application

Purpose: Addressing certain causes (saving lives, women security, environmental concerns, safety, etc) and adding more value to the organization as well as employees

Mission: Developing an intra office web application for the benefits of employees.
1.Blood Bank: Interested people can register as a donor and people in need of blood in case of emergency can post a request. Acceptor can also acknowledge from whom the blood was received. Donors gets Karma points for each successful donation attempts
2.Car/Bike Pool:Interested people can register their vehicles and Create a ride for pooling. Association for a trip by passengers. Panic button for women employees

Tech Stack : AngularJS , Web API, Asp.Net, C#,  MSSQL.

Team Ninjas

Product: “Visual Recognition” mobile app for iOS & Android.

Mission: Goal of the App is to, Be user's Visual Assistant with the help of ML.

Idea: App provides the solution to, More User Engagement. Hassle-free, less effort, and faster search. Also, helping the user to identify unknown products. App solves the problem of, the traditional way of searching methodologies. Difficulty in search of product and its details when the user lacks information about the new or unknown products.
Tech Stack: IOS, Android, Node Js, Tensorflow, ML.

Team Siths

Project: ATS Tool

Idea: Implement an applicant tracking system to automate recruitment flow and make recruitment smooth and organised.

Mission: The team has identified a set of milestones for the application as part of our project proposal. We intend to work on achievable milestones and core functionality in the coming week and pitch them as part of our product. We would also be showcasing our vision for the future of the product.  

Team Rangers

Product Name: EZ Access

Idea: Thinking about the solution for authenticating users to gain access for any digitally integrated entity, could be bicycle lock system, website, application, home automation, Ola, Uber or highly secure organisation.
Mission: Face and voice based Recognition system along with existing QR Code Scanner
Tech Stack: Rails 5. PostgreSQL

Team Samurai

Product Name: DevOpsy Boat

Idea: Chat boat based Build system
Mission: To work as a catalyst in deployment system and bring in more empathy.
The mission is to ultimately lead to NoOps and provide more autonomy to development team.
Tech Stack: Hubot, Jenkins, Ansible, AWS, Coffee script, Java script

Pitch Day

Awaiting Champions; The Thirsty Cup!


We are “The MOB”

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful crowd who make every event even more interesting and engaging.
Here teams are sharing their experiences during build week. And hence, increasing the curiosity!

The Mentors

In this entire journey of code combat, mentors played a key role in guiding, mentoring, facilitating and encouraging the team. The real backbone of code combat

This Build Week has been a seamless journey and many volunteers made it possible and look so effortless and engaging.

Reward and Recognition

Our CEO recognized all those who made this possible as volunteers and participants.

We can see the smile and cheerfulness in the environment.

The Winners

We had three different categories for winners, namely The Champions (winner of the event), Execution excellence, Best Pitch.

Execution Excellence

Team: Spartan

Spartans worked rigorously to build a comprehensive prototype with a better implementation possibility of their product in People10. They received the ‘Execution Excellence’ award.

The Best Pitch

Team: Sith
 Team Sith addressed the real issues of the end-user of their product and hence presented their product to obliterate the challenges in the human resource industry. They were able to touch base all the pain points and tried to cover almost all the features for better facilitation which also reflected in their pitch and they received the ‘Best Pitch’ Award.

The winner of code combat 2018 were

Team Ninjas!!!


Team Ninja built a high performance product, powered with the latest AI/Machine learning enabled technology, to recognize objects around us in an instance. Also, their pitch was certainly amazing. The confidence in the product reflected very well in their pitch.

The army together

This is just a beginning!!
The saga will continue….




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