Agile Offshore Product Development through Continuous Delivery

Do you feel that you could get more value from your co-development teams? Are you dissatisfied with the factory models of outsourced software development? Do you struggle with time to market, lack of visibility and software quality issues?

If you do, this video is a must watch.

Recently a survey published by a leading global consulting firm indicated that more than 80% of the delivery organizations in India resort only to stand up meetings as their form of agile. How about your teams?

While true agile development can add tremendous value to your business, the real possibilities are not yet exploited. The factory models of IT outsourcing is a blocker to keeping up with your changing business needs. Many firms are unaware about the alternates to these code factories.

There are only very few organizations who can execute the whole spectrum of agile successfully all the way to continuous delivery on your outsourced projects to ensure business success. And, there are fewer who could provide agile offshore delivery at scale with repeated success.

Agile outsourcing vendor selection checklist

With this video, we have explained how new engineering practices like continuous delivery could help you build software faster with assured quality via transparent development and early feedback.

Continous delivery

Explore the value of continuous delivery: Move from a code factory to an agile pit-stop

Watch this 5 minute video that provides you the insights into how the new continuous delivery practices at offshore benefits your project. A series of videos will follow, so please watch this space for more.

At the end of this video, you will gain:

  • A right perspective of agile away from the wide spread notion as a project management method.
  • The differences between traditional and agile in terms of engineering practices.
  • How you could save the projects at offshore by embracing continuous delivery.
  • How you could fundamentally re-engineer the way you build software to deliver tremendous business value – moving away from a code factory to an agile pit stop.

Here’s another short video on the various tools and frameworks that we use for continuous delivery. Watch the deployment pipeline in action.

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