Looking to implement a DevOps pipeline? How do you ensure multiple deployments, faster release cycle with high-quality throughput and robust pipeline? How do you provide end-to-end pipeline visibility for everyone in the software delivery chain? What are the best practices to build a pipeline that can scale easily to accommodate changes in applications and environments?
This Webinar is a walk-through of a real-life DevOps pipeline built using various DevOps practices that prove quantitative gain in time, cost, quality & business value.

The webinar would help you learn the following

  • DevOps Pipeline overview
  • Walkthrough of a real-life example covering CI/CD pipeline
  • Walkthrough of a Infrastructure As a service example
Kamal Chauhan
Head of DevOps at People10
  • DevOps expert with experience in setting up DevOps Roadmap,tools stack, automated CICD pipelines with proven business impact across multiple industries
Prasoon Majumdar
DevOps Manager at People10
  • An expert with experience in release automation engineering, Continuous Integration, build/deployment automation delivering successful projects
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