Here is a glimpse of our new ‘Total agile’ office… Will add more pics as we go…

In our open agile environment, you wouldnt see people hiding in isolation behind the walls.. There is always buzz and energy on the floor. There are debates and huddles and movement..

when we are in the mood to ideate, we take along our color pens and our buddies and scribble stuff on our walls everywhere.. we could work from next to our coffee machine (yes we are wired as well as wireless everywhere), or we huddle on our bean bags in the break-out space.. yes we are connected there too..  If at all we need some alone time with our laptops, thats possible too, we just need to move into one of the kiosks…

Agility wouldt be possible without the right infrastructure. so we have powerful machines with wide screens and powerful servers virtualised to run any number of environments.. we create and drop them on the fly..we check-in, integrate, test, and deploy, all in matter of minutes.. we research, ideate and invent.. we dont have many rules when it comes to work, ‘execution’ and ‘teamwork’ is the mantra and creativity RULES !!!

Friends, would love to hear your comments or questions !

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