Thai protests turn deadly

Thai protests turn deadly

A Thai news agency said seven people were killed when about 1,000 police officers clashed with protesters who blocked the main road near the central market square of Bangkok.

Protesters held up banners denouncing “neo-colonialism” and demanding “freedom, democracy, human rights” outside the palace.

Image caption President Thein Sein has been under intense international pressure to end military rule

“The coup was conducted by our own army,” one protest leader, Srimak Tavul, told CNN.

The government said “tens” of officers were killed on Friday, but it had yet to verify this.

The military ousted Mr Thein Sein, who has been under enormous international pressure to end militar바카라사이트y rule last year.

“After this incident, we will conduct a full investigation. It is very important that there is a thorough investigation that makes sure the army acts properly,” said the defence minister.더킹카지노

On Monday Thai security forces also killed nine protesters they had arrested, including an unknown number of protesters.

The prime minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, has repeatedly called for talks between protesters and Mr Thein Sein’s government to end the bloodshed in late-2014.

He accused the government of trying to cover up the army’s coup and the government says a civilian police commander, who was the target of an earlier coup, escaped alive.

The BBC’s Richard Galpin in Bang바카라사이트kok says it may come down to political calculations, with Mr Thein Sein looking to cement his party’s hold on Bangkok’s political process.

This election year, he may seek a second mandate to stay in office in a run-off with the country’s chief executive, Prayuth Chan-ocha, who has called for elections as soon as next year.