Man fined for taking dogs into national park in England

Man fined for taking dogs into nationa바카라사이트l park in England

‘These dogs were kept there for a number of years and would come up to the trees to eat leaves. We were not allowed in as people would see them walking by’.

The court heard a judge allowed them to be taken into the national park to help reduce littering and the dogs are now being cared for by volunteers at i더킹카지노ts conservation centres in Devon and Cornwall.

더킹카지노She said: ‘At the time he decided to take them into Cornwall, he was considering taking them to New York for animal rescue.

‘He said he had two dogs who loved dogs, one was an Australian sheltie, one was a Yorkshire terrier.

‘They had been kept in New York for a number of years but when one of them got old and it just wasn’t enough to handle he made the decision to take his young daughter, a Border Collie, into the park.’

Jurors convicted the man, from Luton, of cruelty to animals and causing a nuisance, and fined him £150