Heartbroken chinese elephant crushes cars on valentines day http://tvu

Heartbroken chinese elephant crushes cars on valentines day http://tvu.co.kr/t/NxqW8y-9/index.html “No wonder he looks really old”… http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/08/world/china/chinese-elephant/index.html

12:59 PM – Nov 7, 2012 #12 J-Simmons

Nah, he’s very good.

12:59 PM – Nov 9, 2012 #13


I’m surprised by the reaction here, too, bec성남출장마사지 성남출장샵ause it comes from a very specific perspective. That perspective makes it seem like he’s making a big deal out of it.

Here’s another example I came across, and in that example a driver gets knocked unconscious when his driver’s license is cut off, as opposed to being trampled by a cougar and dying from being trampled. That’s one way to look at it.

12:59 PM – Nov 12, 2012 #14 j-smc

No, he’ll get through his trauma by eating as much as he can of whatever the fuck he’s eating while he’s alive, because he’s eating like a caveman. Also, he’s extremely good at taking pictures of animals if they’re near him and it’s like a fo로투스바카라rm of social bonding, and he can easily figure out what their faces look like and his family members looks like while they’re eating.

12:59 PM – Nov 19, 2012 #15 j-smc

Not to mention the fact that he also keeps a few animals, not just an elephant but three bears, a bear cub, a mountain lion, and a puma.

12:59 PM – Nov 19, 20우리 카지노12 #16

No idea how he can get these pictures, just guess. Maybe he just takes them while walking around town and posts them online to show how awesome he is to others.

This is pretty much a typical survival situation where they live in their forest, and the bear will likely follow them if they stay away from humans for a while, and it’s usually just the animal’s “gut instinct” that tells them to stay close to the humans instead of going away after their friends.

12:59 PM – Nov 20, 2012 #17 n-douglas

There’s nothing about this animal’s face that can be considered funny by me, but it might a