Fast Factual Statements About Payday Lending. PAYDAY LENDING RESULTS IN LONG-TERM DEBT TRAP

Fast Factual Statements About Payday Lending. PAYDAY LENDING RESULTS IN LONG-TERM DEBT TRAP

Listed here are some quick information about the lending that is payday in Louisiana, published by LBP analyst David Gray.

  • Based on industry representatives, payday financing is made to trap borrowers in long-lasting rounds of financial obligation:

“The concept in the industry is that you’ve got getting that customer in, strive to make him as a repeated consumer, long-lasting client, because that’s really where in actuality the profitability is. ” – Dan Freeman, CEO of money America

“In a situation with a $15 per $100 price, an operator… will be needing a brand new client to sign up for 4 to 5 loans before that consumer becomes profitable. ” – Stephens Inc.

  • A typical Louisiana debtor will have to take 9 payday advances every year to repay their initial debt, causing $270 in charges for the one-time $100 loan.
  • The percentage that is annual for a quick payday loan in Louisiana is 780 per cent, when compared with a yearly portion price of 24 % for major bank cards.


  • The lending that is payday drained $46 million through the Louisiana economy last year. 1
  • Louisianans paid between $181 million and $196 million in charges to payday loan providers last year. 2
  • The payday lending industry led to a 671 web task loss last year. 3
  • You can find four times as numerous lenders that are payday Louisiana as McDonald’s Restaurants. 4
  • Louisiana has on average one payday lending storefront for every single 4,800 residents. 5


  • Twenty-three states and Washington D.C. Have actually firm payday financing laws (identify base).
  • Without payday advances, prospective borrowers would choose options that don’t link them up to a standard bank, such as for instance adjusting their spending plans, delaying bills and borrowing from family and friends.
  • States that enacted strong customer finance defenses against predatory payday loans experienced sharp decreases in pay day loan usage. Ninety-five per cent of customers elected to not use pay day loans, while just five percent sought payday loans online or somewhere else.


  • Capping yearly interest levels for payday advances at 36 %. (Instance: North Carolina)
  • Prohibiting borrowers from using a lot more than 8 loans in a 12-month duration. (Example: Washington state)
  • Needing minimum repayment regards to six months. (Example: Colorado)
  • Prohibiting loans that are payday active users of the Louisiana National Guard. (Instance: United States Of America)


  • Permitting clients to cancel payday advances by going back the loan the exact same time.
  • Permitting clients to get a rebate for repaying their cash advance in complete.
  • Enabling residents to request free extensions of the pay day loan.
  • Permitting the pay day loan industry to charge yearly portion prices above 36 percent.
  • Permitting customers to simply take a lot more than 6 loans that are payday 12-month duration.


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