Coque iphone 8 plus boit Major Security Vulnerability Discovered in Samsung Galaxy S10-coque jaune moutarde iphone 8-rehcdi

Major Security Vulnerability Discovered in Samsung Galaxy S10

A major security vulnerability has been discovered on the Galaxy S10 and coque pour samsung galaxy note 2 Note 10 series that allows one to bypass the fingerprint scanner even if their fingerprint is not registered with the device. This happens when certain gel based screen protectors are applied on the Galaxy S10 display.

The Galaxy S10 and Note coque samsung j5 10 series feature an samsung coque samsung s10 galaxy s7 coque anime ultrasonic in coque bts samsung galaxie s6 display fingerprint scanner that is very different from the optical in display fingerprint scanner found on the likes samsung galaxy s6 coque transparente of the OnePlus 7 Pro and double coque silicone s7 edge samsung Huawei P30 Pro. coque samsung s6 harry potter One of the limitations of an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is that it does not work with third party tempered screen protectors. This is the reason why Samsung sells these phones with a screen protector pre applied.

However, most users do end up replacing the default screen protector and as one user found out, using a cheap gel based screen protector is actually not good from a security viewpoint.

A Galaxy S10 owner in the UK got a cheap 2.70 screen protector from eBay for her Galaxy S10 and later discovered that her husband was able to access her coque autres galaxy samsung coque couleur iphone xs phone by scanning his thumbs even though his fingerprint was not registered. This happens because gel based screen protectors leave a small gap between coque samsung s7 compatible induction the display and the scanner which coque samsung s7 call of duty ends up interfering with the scanning process.

Samsung has already acknowledged the issue and while it coque huawei nova has put the blame on coque samsung s6 fleur rose the cheap screen protector, it promises to resolve the issue with a future software update. While the issue occurred with the Galaxy S10, it is also applicable for the Galaxy Note 10 since it also features coque samsung j7 the same ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

When the Galaxy S10 was first launched, coque iphone 8 plus boit Samsung highlighted its ultrasonic in display fingerprint scanner as being more secure than the competition. coque samsung note 10 plus silicone However, the fingerprint scanner was widely panned for being slow and as this incident shows, it does not really seem to offer much in terms of security as well.

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