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The Most Expensive iPhone Case Ever Made

When coque samsung s5 it comes to the price, iPhone isn categorized as an affordable smartphone. For example, the lowest iPhone 7 (32 GB) is coque samsung s8 ecran sold at $649, while the highest one (iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB) is $969. Moreover, the recent rumors suggest coque note 8 samsung dragon ball the coque samsung s5 ours coming iPhone series so called iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition may have a price that will go coque samsung note 4 rose over $1000. However, for some people, it not such coque coque iphone 7 8 comme des garcons samsung galaxy s6 edge plus a big coque samsung s7 edge survivor deal. They even don care if they spend a lot of money to pimp their iPhone to look unique and fashionable. They don mind if the case is coque iphone 8 plus bague support much more expensive than the iPhone itself. Here is the most expensive iPhone case ever made.

The Most Expensive iPhone Cases That Ever Made

You can find many coque coque iphone 6 plus samsung galaxy s7 marron iPhone cases in the market around $10 or even lower. Of course, that is not a huge money compared to the iPhone price itself. Spend an extra $10 for the case can mean nothing. But, this Swarovski case might make you think twice before coque silicone samsung s7 ducati you buy it. It not the most expensive iPhone case, but the price isn that affordable iphone xs coque cuir as well. Its cost is $239. The whole case is covered by various shapes of Swarovski crystals. The design coque samsung s6 edge plus 360 is unique and classy. So, I think, $239 is a fair price for this case.

The Case mate case $4271

This is one of the most expensive iPhone cases made by Case mate, coque samsung s7 metal and it a limited edition. With the price given by them for a case, you can buy almost 5 iPhones 7. At glance, you might see nothing special, except a hard plastic cell with silicon line. The design is very simple. Why the high price First of all, it has a soundproof technology coque iphone xs that can redirect the sound outside the iPhone. The material allows users to coque samsung s7 rick et morty customize the case with anything she/he likes, like a photo or decoration things.

Gold plated Trump case coque s6 edge samsung from Goldgenie $151000

This is a very special iPhone case. Besides, its outstanding price, the design is also unique. Made coque samsung s6 edge one piece of 24K solid gold, encrusted diamonds, and you can see the current US president is emblazoned on the case.

This interesting and pricey iPhone case was sold by Goldgenie, a store in United Arab Emirate to a coque samsung s7 edge voiture Chinese woman. Goldgenie managing director told CNN last December,

A Chinese woman walked into the store last month and requested that Goldgenie put together the glitzy device emblazoned with coque samsung a10 the president elect features..

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