3 Reasons Why Mental Health Is So Important

The figures are similar at global level, as it’s estimated the depression affects a staggering 300 million people worldwide. On this note, there’s a tendency to give more importance to physical health than to mental health. This bias towards the physical may be due to the fact that physical disease is more obvious, easier to spot. The medical field is concerned with problems that can be objectively measured (such as weight, blood pressure, recommended site cholesterol levels, etc.), but mental illness and its symptoms aren’t as visible as their physical counterparts. If anything, this makes it ever more important to be familiar with mental health warning signs and risk factors.

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In fact, those with mental illness are 10 times more likely to be the victims of violent crime. The media plays a critical role in advancing our understanding of mental illness and substance disorders. How you report stories about individuals with mental health challenges can increase awareness and reduce stigma around these conditions. The most common mental health problems both in the UK and the US are anxiety and depression, which affect between 10 and 18 per cent of the population respectively.

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Bipolar I is defined by manic episodes or symptoms that last at least seven days, usually followed by depression lasting at least two weeks. Bipolar II is a pattern of depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes that aren’t the extreme manic episodes that Bipolar I involve . Manic phases tend to include a heightened sense of well-being, “feeling on top of the world,” a decreased need for sleep, impulsive behavior that may include impulsive spending that disrupts financial affordability, erratic behavior or sexual promiscuity.

  • So, what people who are highly distressed (considered as “mentally ill”) need is hope, support and other interventions such as training in mind-calming activities – definitely not fancy labels and drugs.
  • Bringing together the sensibilities and experience of the past with state-of-the-art modern medicine often makes good sense.
  • Yet, studies have consistently shown that it is various mind-states that are continuously changing the structure of the brain (this is the well known phenomena of ‘neuroplasticity’).
  • I find it fascinating to see the commonsense approaches to treating mental illness once employed by the Indianola Rest Home increasingly being accepted within mainstream medicine.
  • Because mental activity is CORRELATED with brain activity, an assumption is made that it is the organ brain that has to be treated.

The treatment here is not going to be complete with just an antidepressant. These mood stabilizers work on brain chemicals different than serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine to relieve the manic symptoms patients display in this phase.

The mainstay of successful management and treatment is to get to the underlying cause of the patient’s anxiety. By using the correct medications and counseling, anxiety can be managed in the most effective and safest way possible. The diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder may become a bit tricky if some of the criteria are overlooked in the patient. Again, a detailed history and a series of questions can lead to the right diagnosis. There are two main types of bipolar disorder; bipolar I and bipolar II.

April showers bring May flowers, and May brings Mental Health Month. Does mental health influence a person’s physical health and well-being? How are mental health illnesses diagnosed and what are the treatment options?

Mental health is equally as important as physical health, and the stigma around depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses is finally being addressed. Anxiety is very common in practice and can show in many ways. It can be a response to a major life stressor, health concern or may even be chronic in nature .

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